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The production process is the heart of any manufacturing business and is critical for achievement of business objectives.

In the production process, the prioritisation of value adding activities and the removal of wasteful activities are essential for improving both efficiency and financial performance.

The OperationsHub approach has been designed to provide a practical roadmap to achieve this improvement through the use of proven solutions, systems and tools.

The Operational Excellence approach and system consists of 4 core elements:

  1. Alignment and Purpose: Production Strategy, Policy, Procedures, Objectives, Activities, Communication, Roles, Responsibility and Authority.
  2. Leadership, Culture and People: Production Structure, Culture, Development and Training
  3. Process and Continuous Improvement: Value Stream Mapping, Waste Reduction and Elimination, Production Capacity Planning, Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning, Standardised Work, 5S and Visual Workplace.
  4. Results and Business Value: Production Measurements, Metrics and KPIs.

Through the use of our system and approach, we can partner with you to unleash your production efficiency potential and provide you with the required level of support in your journey towards production excellence and sustainable business value.

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