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The proper management of physical assets or maintenance remains one of the largest opportunities for organisations to improve both operational performance and financial results. Physical asset management (PAM) involves the complete life cycle of all physical assets (land, buildings, equipment and vehicles) with the ultimate goal of maximising asset life while minimising ownership cost.

The OperationsHub approach has been designed to provide a practical roadmap to create a reliable and efficient organisation through the use of proven solutions, systems and tools.

Our approach includes but is not limited to:

  1. Alignment and Purpose:  PAM and Maintenance Strategy, Policy, Objectives, Activities, Communication, Roles, Responsibility and Authority.
  2. Leadership, Culture and People: Maintenance Structure, Culture, Development and Training
  3. Process and Continuous Improvement: Asset Design and Acquisition, Maintenance Tactics, Scheduling Planned and Unplanned Maintenance Tasks, Computerised Maintenance Management Systems, Facilities and Tools, Maintenance Procurement and Stores, Value Stream Mapping and Waste Elimination.
  4. Results and Business Value: PAM Measurements, Metrics and KPIs

Through the use of our systems and approach, we can partner with you to unleash your reliability potential and provide you with the required level of support on your journey towards physical asset management excellence and sustainable business value.

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