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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging surveys form an important part of any Safety, Health and Risk System.  These surveys are the pro-active method to periodically check your electrical installations and reduce the possibility of electrical fires and failures.  This systematic approach will result in a reduction of costly electrical breakdowns and will increase factory reliability and efficiency. Fire safety is also an important part of all Safety and Health programs, protecting employees and contractors in order to create a safe and productive working environment

Using a thermal imaging camera, a thermographer will photograph your electrical system, making the invisible visible. A professional analysis and report will be produced using a colour thermograph and digital photo to confirm the specific location of the fault. This report will also highlight temperature rise and the severity of the problem.  This is an inexpensive, reliable and quick way to reduce risk without lengthy downtime or factory shutdown.

Why use Thermal Imaging ?

  • Reduction in costly breakdowns and efficiency improvement
  • Reduction in possibility of fires and risk reduction
  • Makes the invisible visible
  • Inexpensive, reliable and quick
  • No downtime while test is being performed

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