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A key component of talent management is acquiring the right talent to carry out business strategies. Competency Based Interviewing Skills provides Managers and HR professionals with the skills to hire the right people, with the right skills, in order to meet business goals and create a high performance organisation.

Course name: Competency Based Interviewing Skills.

Duration:   24th and 25th February 2016 (2 days). – Minimum of 8 delegates for course to run.

Cost:  R3 590 per delegate, lunch included.

Booking:  admin@operationshub.co.za or 078 543 3436

Target audience: Supervisors, Junior and Middle Managers, HR Officers/HR Practitioners and HR Business Partners/ HR Managers.

Key deliverables: Upon completion of the 2-day course, participants would have practically learnt:

  • The definition of a competency
  • Why competency based interviewing is an effective tool to recruit key talent
  • How to follow a professional interview process (what to do before, during and after an interview)
  • How to ask effective interview questions and how to probe further
  • How to utilise and implement competency based interviewing skills (i.e.: the STAR technique).
  • How to objectively score a candidate’s answers
  • The do’s and don’ts of interviewing
  • Discriminatory questions to avoid
  • How to prepare for an interview and effectively screen a CV/ identify gaps.
  • Aligning interview questions to relevant competences
  • The importance of recruitment checks – credit, criminal, qualification and reference checks
  • The use of psychometric assessments
  • How to practically apply competency based interviewing techniques (through role plays).


  • Interviewers are better equipped to hire the right person for the right job. This will reduce staff turnover costs (due to a lack of team or culture fit) and decrease poor hiring decisions.
  • A professional interview process will contribute favourably to your Employer Brand.
  • If Managers and HR personnel attend, they will recruit staff in a consistent way i.e.: against the same competences, utlising a professional technique.
  • Attendees will learn: how to build rapport with interviewees, effective screening and questioning techniques, listening and observing skills, note taking and scoring methods, and decision making skills.

Role plays:

  • All attendees will have an opportunity to participate in interview role plays, to practically apply the theory they have learnt.
  • They will receive feedback on their individual areas of strength and areas for development or improvement.

Mustard Seed offers public courses as well as company specific courses. If you wish to discuss a company specific/ tailor made solution, which will incorporate your recruitment processes and policies into the training course (and training material), please contact us at admin@operationshub.co.za or 078 543 3436.

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